Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

Content Protection Solutions and Contract Review Services

Software Solutions

Bespoke content protection solutions deployed by the local entertainment industry since 2008.

Contract Consulting

Contract review, amendments and negotiations with the focus on IP and limiting your liability.

Content Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of IP infringements as well as legitimate consumption.

Software Solutions

An array of content protection tools with an 11 year track record.

Our proprietary and industry utilised search technology forms the foundation of a number of content protection tools and have been utilised by the local film-, publishing- and music industry since 2008.


We provide industry-tested solutions

Leading the fight against copyright infringement since 2008

AI-Driven Web Parsing

Built on top of our industry leading search technology, our site parsing tools are designed to save you hundreds of man-hours by traversing, cataloguing and automatically issuing Cease & Desist notices to content infringing websites.

Streaming Video Monitoring

Around the clock monitoring of infringing videos currently available for streaming. Our toolset automatically catalogues uploads on all known video streaming sites. Platform independent, blocking-avoidance and unlimited titles supported.

Real-time Web-Crawling

The heart of the local entertainment industry’s digital anti-piracy strategy. Detecting and processing an average of 375 infringing links per copyrighted title, our web crawler technology continually indexes copyright infringing downloads.

Contract Consulting

Having successfully reviewed, amended and negotiated more than 100 contracts during 2018 – the vast majority between international and Fortune 500 companies – we are the number one choice when it comes to putting your IP rights first.

Our extensive experience in local as well as international law guarantees fast turnaround times, cost-effective billing and an overall expedited review process.

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The Consulting Firm focussed on the Synergy between Computer Science and Law

Herman Vermaak


Having spent more than 38 years as practicing Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary, Herman has extensive experience in the areas of commercial law and litigation.

Pierre Rautenbach


Pierre has devoted a large part of his career to the protection and recognition of intellectual property rights. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and is an Advocate of the High Court.

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